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Mr Morris

Used to talk on the radio in between the songs, now Year 5/6 teacher at St Silas School in Toxteth, Liverpool. @stsilasschool @StSilasMrMorris #teamsilas


Understanding different types of reproduction in plants


What’s the same? What’s different? These are great questions when it comes to understanding how different types of plants reproduce. We had to work with our shoulder partner to compare the reproductive process of two different plants. We also had a list of key vocabulary to use to make sure that we were talking like […]

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Driverless cars and programming robots with Julian


We spent an afternoon thinking about driverless cars and the sort of programming that is needed to make them safe. Julian then showed us how to programme our own robots, making sure that they don’t bump into anything.

Roman Numerals


Once we had got the hang of Roman numerals, we did some complex reasoning and problem solving. We learned that I is 1, V is 5, X is 10, L is 20, C is 100, D is 500 and M is 1,000. Challenge What is the largest number you can write using these Roman numeral […]

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Key features of a balanced argument


We worked with our shoulder partner to identify the key features of a balanced argument. We then had to put them into a ‘Diamond 9’ formation with the most important at the top. We will use our ‘Diamond 9’ as a success criteria when we write our own balanced arguments next week.

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More Science…


We tested each other by reading out some ‘What am I?’ clues to make sure that we know all the parts of a flowering plant and what they do. If you want to test yourself, the clues are at the bottom of this post. I protect the flower when it is growing. I am the […]

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Science: Reproduction in flowering plants


We used one of our favourite activities (the Running Reporter) to identify the different parts of a flowering plant. We also had to find out what each part does and why it is important.

More Black History Day


Here’s our Black History Month presentation about Jesse Owens.  

Black History Day


On Friday, we celebrated Black History Month by learning about Jesse Owens – an influential black athlete who won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympic Games. We used a Running Reporter to find out all about him. We then discussed chronology before creating a timeline of Jesse Owens’s life.

Verb tenses


In English, we’ve been learning how to form the progressive form of verbs. You need the verb ‘to be’ and a verb that ends in -ing.

More place value


We’ve been using counters and place value grids to help us count forwards and backwards in steps of 10, 100, 1000 and 10000. It’s tricky – especially when you have to ‘bridge’ – but we’re getting the hang of it!      

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